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Do It Yourself - How to install hardwood floors.


These Do It Yourself videos are provided as a service from NY Home Contractors. The information in this DIY site is intended to simplify jobs around the house and home. The tools, techniques, and local building codes change; therefore, NY Home Contractors and its owners assume no liability for omissions, errors or the outcome of any project. The reader must always exercise reasonable caution, follow current codes and regulations that may apply, if in doubt consult with a licensed professional.

How to Install Hardwood Floors - Step by Step Preparation

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The following video will review how to install and replace hardwood floors. 1. Ensure that there is a smooth and level sub-floor. Check if it is structurally sound and clean enough for anything to be attached to it. Stack the hardwood floor indoors for a couple of days before installing them. This will help them adjust to the humidity of your home. 2. Mark the floor joist along the wall before you install the 15-pound asphalt felt. It should be attached to the sub-floor. You can use this for future reference since you have to install your hardwood floor perpendicular to the floor joist. The 15-pound asphalt felt will minimize squeaks. It will also provide some protection against moisture. 3. Install the 15-pound asphalt felt by tacking it down with a staple wire. You need to then overlap it by at least 3 inches. Mark the centerline of the room by measuring the room width from two or more points. 4. Draw a line of about ? inches from the wall parallel to your centerline. This is done before placing your hardwood flooring. This will provide for the starting point of your floorboard. It will also help for expansion. 5. Drill a hole or nail into the hardwood floor using the floor joist as reference. Use a nail set to finish the nailing of the hardwood floor. 6. Use a piece of board and move it around the edges of the board after installing the second board. Repeat the procedure to all the succeeding boards. 7. Tap this using a mallet. This will tighten the boards together. Make sure the two adjacent boards' edges are at least 6 inches apart from each other. 8. The two adjacent boards edges should never line up. Use a black and a pry bar to tighten the boards together as you use the last store board. Then you are all done. 9. It's better to use a flooring nailer if you are installing in large areas. This is done after you have installed the first boards manually.

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