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Do It Yourself - How to install window blinds.


These Do It Yourself videos are provided as a service from NY Home Contractors. The information in this DIY site is intended to simplify jobs around the house and home. The tools, techniques, and local building codes change; therefore, NY Home Contractors and its owners assume no liability for omissions, errors or the outcome of any project. The reader must always exercise reasonable caution, follow current codes and regulations that may apply, if in doubt consult with a licensed professional.

How to Install Window Blinds. - Step by Step Preparation

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The following video will review how to install window blinds. 1. With blind open, hold up to wall in the position you want it to hang. Make sure the blind is centered and level. Mark with a pencil a small mark below the headrail at each end, also mark 1/4" past the end of each headrail. Place end brackets inside pencil marks and mark screw hole positions in rear of bracket in a diagonal pattern. If center support brackets are used, place evenly along width of area blind is to be mounted and mark screw holes. Insert and tighten screw through all brackets, making sure all brackets are straight and level. 2. Valance Clip Installation - All blinds receive valances and are installed with valance clips. Each type of blind will use a different type of clip, but installation onto the headrail will be the same. Attach enclosed valance clips to the face of the headrail. (Spread evenly across the headrail) This is all that is done until headrails is in place. 3. Wand Assembly Installation - If your blind uses a wand assembly and it was not preattached, the wand should now be fastened to the tilt or shaft. Push plastic sleeve up. Slip wand onto hook. Pull sleeve down over hook to secure wand. 4. Mount The Blind - Release all cords at this time. With bracket door latches open on each end, slide headrail into mounting brackets and place on center supports. Close down bracket door latches until they snap in place.

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